Internet Marketing and Games

Are you a gamer? Do you know if you are a gamer? Here are a couple questions to find out if you are. First, do you ever play any sort of game on your cell phone? Two, do you stop in wal-mart and look at the screens in the electronic section to see what the new games look like? Three, when you go to a new website do you look to see what games they have to offer? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you weren’t sure if you were a gamer then it’s time to come out of the land of denial, you are a gamer. That is, you are a person who loves to play video games.

What does this have to do with marketing? Simple, games make sites more fun. They make phones more fun and last but not least there are millions of people world wide who love to play games. There are sites set up specifically to help you design, create and download your very own unique video game. They are simple and fun to use. I know because I have been toying with it now for a while. In your search engine type in, ‘How to create a video game?’ When you search this you will find several sites dedicated to the gaming world. Some of them will discuss texturing and lighting others will discuss whether or not to create a 3D game. They provide how to add sound and even give locations to free artwork you can use for your characters.

When you are creating a video game you need to think about the demographics of the clients you are trying to reach. For exampled: You have recently decided to create a website to sell the cute clothes you create for your pets. You have named the site Paws Town. You have added a catalog of course and even a blog for people to share about there favorite little four legged friend. There is even a video diary of you and your miniature toy poodle named Dot and your pretty Black lab named Muffy. You have written articles for the site and even been able to get a few advertisers. Yet there is still something missing. Light bulb, you aren’t targeting all the people in your demographic. So you decide to create a video game about the adventures of Dot and Muffy in the Town coincidentally called Paws Town.

Now you maybe asking yourself why all this is important? I’m just selling dog clothes. By creating the video game you have now added several keywords to your website. You have created two marketable characters that you can make into stuffed toys and logos and even add them to the tags of the pet clothes you are selling and label them as originals. All of this brings in revenue.

The point is this, you have added a new marketing tool and sales item to your website. You have found the creative edge in your market and had fun doing it. Remember this though, if you’re creating a video game to break into the business, then this is the wrong article for you. If you’re doing it to have fun with your website and grow your business, then this is the article you want.

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